Dirt Don't Hurt

Get Down and Earthy with us!


Why Tooth Powder?

  1. Whiten your teeth without harsh Abrasives or Chemicals, like bleach and fluoride.
  2. Remineralize your Teeth so they Get Stronger an improve your gum health while Achieving a whiter, and brighter smile. 
  3. Tooth Powder gently polishes, detoxifies, fights cavities, plaque, bacteria, gingivitis, and prevents Tooth Decay.

Why use Tooth + Gum Oil?

  1. Heals Gums and Whitens teeth naturally.
  2. Disinfects and kills germs and bacteria
  3. increases circulation to teeth and gums and reduces inflammation
  4. freshens breath and relieves pain
  5. oil pulling- swish a tablespoon of oil in mouth for 5 mins. then spit.Rinse with warm water. do not swallow.
  6. Use for everyday oral health- place 2-3 drops on toothbrush and brush as usual
  7. Tooth Pain- Use directly on teeth and gums
  8. Mouth Wash- use a few drops swish and spit