Dirt Don't Hurt

Get Down and Earthy with us!

“Take Care of your Teeth, and they will take care of you.”
— Anonymous



We are 3 sisters from San Diego who started Dirt Don’t Don’t Hurt in 2017. Flashback to 2012, when our middle sister got super sick and could not figure out what was wrong...after a year of chronic fatigue, memory loss, brain fog etc., and no answers from doctors, she finally got diagnosed with Lyme disease.

The prescription called for 30 days of antibiotics. After a month of doing the prescribed protocol, her condition had not changed, she was still experiencing the same awful symptoms. So she decided to take matters in to her own hands. Researching how to detox her body and rid her body of toxins to help aid in her healing, lead her to start looking into what she was actually putting into her body on a daily basis. As she began to dissect her own personal care products to cleaning products etc. it was evident how many toxic chemicals and preservatives were in things she was using everyday!

This inspired her to make her own products with clean and pure, earth + plant based ingredients. Once she started using activated charcoal, earth clays, essential oils and herbs, she could feel the difference in her mind and body. The detoxing was helping relieve her symptoms and ultimately helped her regain her health back.. Seeing and feeling all the benefits of activated charcoal and the benefits of detoxifying through daily regimens, we knew we had to share it with the world! Thus, Dirt Don't Hurt was born.